Our Snow and Ice Management Service Levels:

Level 1 
Zero Tolerance/ Safety Tolerance Risk Assessment Factor below 5% 

This is the highest level of service. Personnel are staged in advance of any inclement weather. During open hours, your paved surfaces will be bare and wet, except during heavy snow, when your property will be continuously plowed and shoveled.
De-Icing services will resume once the heavy snowfall has been cleared and it is reasonable to expect that the salt will create a bare and wet condition that will last over two hours. Accumulation of less than one inch will be treated with chemical applications. For heavy snow and ice accumulation, loader service/snow excavation.

Level 2 
2" A.M. Clear / Safety Tolerance Risk Assessment Factor less than 20%.

Serviced daily. The service is triggered when the snowfall measures two inches.  Your property will be plowed and salted prior to the start of your business day. If 5 or more inches of new snowfall, we will automatically return to plow. Deicer applied at 2" or less.

Level 3 
One Time Per Day Clear/Safety Tolerance Risk Assessment Factor greater that 40%.

We will plow and de-ice your property 1 time per day. If 5 or more inches of new snow fall, we will automatically return to plow. For less than five inches, you will need to call for repeat service if conditions look problematic. 1" Tolerance. Please specify if you do not want deicer applied.

Level 4 
Plow Only/Safety Tolerance Risk Assessment Factor greater than 80%.

High risk of slip and fall accidents, this service is only available if you assume responsibility for hand shoveling and deicer.  

The Risk Assessment Factor is a conservative estimate of the likelihood of a slip and fall accident occurring on your property during a given snow season and is based on a particular level of service.  This is an opinion based on 25 years in the snow and ice industry and the servicing of hundreds of clients.

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Snow and Ice Management- TLC Green is Certified through the ASCA Accredited Snow Contractors Association! 

Excellence in Snow and Ice Management for over 25 years! Our goal is to perform snow and ice management that results in a cost effective, safe environment. We have multiple service levels to accommodate your needs. We realize that every job is unique and has different schedules and needs. Every project is engineered to meet your safety goals and budget. Every storm is managed to provide you the maximum value. For example, if it is going to warm up over the weekend following a Friday storm, we will manage the snow and ice differently than if a prolonged arctic blast is expected following a Monday storm. This saves you money! We manage your project as if we were the client.  Contact Ustoday for a FREE quote!